TEXAS STYLE: Big hair, bigger hat

Location: Dallas, Texas

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ok, let me debunk the stereotype that everything in Texas is BIGGER especially our hair. Contrary to that, everybody I know actually have sleek hair. So if you come to Texas especially in Dallas hoping the see big belt buckles and big hair, well, you will be disappointed...except maybe for this past week  when the Nasher Sculpture Museum hosted a beautiful and romantic derby-chic inspired garden party.  When I think of derby chic, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman attending a polo match comes to mind. I know everybody remembers this movie, but anyone remember that scene? 

Using that as my inspiration, I decided to go with a classic look and this slimming Milly dress paired with the ever so iconic and timeless leopard print Louboutin pumps was exactly what I was going for.  I added the lace gloves for a touch of whimsy and this red Louis Vuitton clutch for a pop of color. 

No derby inspired outfit is complete without a fascinator or a hat. I went for the latter. I personally love wearing hats as seen (here) (here) and (here). I love how huge, playful and elegant this hat was. The proportion was just right to balance  the narrow silhouette of the dress. 

I knew with a hat this big I could easily get lost in it. So, I decided to go big with the hair as well. They say go big or go home right? Here's the thing. Very recently, I had my hair ombred that turned more blonde than I wanted. Within a week I had it colored three times. Needless to say, that  process really wreaked havoc to my hair!  So when Hask Argan Oil asked me if I would like to sample their repairing shampoo and conditioner I said heck yeah! 

I have very thick and down to the waist length hair. Sadly, it is also damaged. After using these products, I must say that my hair felt really smooth and moisturized unlike the usual hay like texture after shampooing. In the past, when I conditioned my hair,  it was almost difficult for the curls to hold especially because my hair is naturally board straight,  but with this conditioner I was able to style it easily creating beautiful, bouncy curls. What do you think? 

Aside from the hat and gloves, everything else in this post was old, but I've curated a similar look with a mix of some budget and lust-worthy items.

Thank you Hask Argan Oil for sponsoring this post. Http:/haskbeauty.com/brand/argan/products

Again, thank you so much for reading!


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