Location: Papaya Playa, Tulum, Mexico

It was the golden hour and the sun had just risen. I hurried down from the casita's rooftop to awaken my stuporous husband. Babe, wake up! After nudging him a couple of times, he finally did.  As he perused his personal belongings in an attempt to get dressed  (half asleep) and as I got my gear ready, I then heard a deafening scream.  My poor husband had gotten stung by a huge scorpion! I didn't know if I should have been worried or have been laughing. Maybe, because I am a nurse and knew that this wasn't that serious (because we have plenty of those in Texas) or because seeing him apply pressure on his finger reassured me that the toxin was under control?  With a swollen finger in tow, we headed to the beach. You see, mornings are my most favorite time of day especially when on vacation. To me, it's a harbinger of things to come. An early morning walk on the beach is like the calm before the storm ( or the flock of tourists). Finding beautiful sea fans awash on rocky sediments from the nights tide, swaying palm trees, even the sight of sea weeds that are usually a nuisance were glistening in salt water and appeared crystalline. So this morning may have started rocky, but what came after was smooth sailing.