MORNING FUEL: Posada Margherita

Location: Tulum, Mexico

It was early in the morning and my husband and I were ready to explore Tulum town but not before getting some fuel first.  After all, I had a plethora of activities planned out for the day, and unbeknownst to be my husband none of which was to lay idle on the beach. So, we hopped on our rented bikes and started pedaling, hoping to find something good. As we started our morning journey, I couldn't help but notice the verdant tree-lined town that permeated in dappled light from the the lush flora overhead us. Its perimeter occupied by a delight of pop-up  boutiques. Ah, I was clearly going the right direction. We stopped briefly, just enough time to admire the coral colored bougainvillea flowers that were abundant there. With a promise by my husband to come back, we got back on our bikes and cycled away in search for morning grub. Much to my delight,  a mile into riding we stumbled upon Posada Margherita. Rustic from outside, we found ourselves inching our way into a maze of succulents and an assortment of found objects that led us to the beach. Wow, I think I just found heaven on earth!! Seated right in front of the ocean, I indulged myself with fresh, local fruit, and a juice concoction of apples, pear, celery, spinach and ginger. It was refreshing! And for him, a healthy serving of eggs and salad. We gazed at the ocean and reveled in the moment until the promise of shopping got me back on my feet and on the go. Boy, was I so happy, satisfied and pudgy if I may add. 

Thanks for reading!