Location: Tulum, Mexico

The scent of Yucatan Coconuts and Rose perfumes lingered in the warm air as I walked hypnotized on a sandy path. It was a slight hint that I was heading the right way.  A few more steps and I had found myself standing in front of a simply adorned door marked HOTEL.  Immediately, this place peaked my interest. And very much like a child, I was curious as to what laid within those sun baked limestone walls. So I took the liberty and wandered freely in the courtyard that was spartan like except for a lone palm tree. Scattered casually throughout were beautiful gems of the sea, washed bottles, sea fans and fossilized shells. I gazed with simple admiration. ..

Coqui-Coqui, rustic yet sultry. The ocean, the people, the perfumery, the food, all which were a complete seduction and a ploy for my eager return. I can't wait!

Thank you for reading!