Location: Napa Valley, California

Summer is here (yay!) and for me and my family, that usually means travel. Of course going on a holiday is a great way to unwind and, let's be honest, indulge in all those vices you usually abstain from( macaroons?).  And as I begin counting down the days when I leave for Europe ( that is seven days starting today...yeepee!) I couldn't help but wonder how I will manage to stay fit while I am eating my way around Europe. Here in Dallas, I stay pretty regimented and active five days a week. I either run at Katy Trail, take Barre or Zumba classes or do circuit training and keep a pretty balanced diet. When I am traveling though, I am often jet-lagged, exhausted from non-stop sight-seeing and more often than not overeating. So, I had come to peace that the only way to stay fit is to stay active while on vacation. And for me, the easiest most fun way is to cycle. Most hotels and cities nowadays have bikes for rent or borrow free of charge. Not only is it fun to do but you will also burn roughly 300 calories cycling leisurely. So, the next time you are traveling, consider booking a cycle tour or rent one of the city bikes. You will surely enjoy it and maybe, just maybe have another macaroon. 

Thanks for reading!