TRAVELOGUE: Valley of Fire

Location: Nevada

Hi everyone. I hope it has been a good memorial weekend.

I must admit, countless times to Las Vegas and I had never wandered off the strip until this past weekend.  Just a short distance of 55 miles northeast and we were welcomed in the land of  bold cliffs of red and white sandstone set in the midst of the grandeur of the Mojave Desert. 

Thanks for reading!


Here's how we went about with our trip:

  1.  There are many tours to the Valley of Fire, however we wanted some flexibility and not be constrained to a schedule,  so we opted to rent a car for the day trip that we picked up at the garage at the Wynn Hotel which made it very convenient since we were staying at Encore. For those who have not stayed at these hotels, they are connected. 
  2. We stopped by a bakery at the hotel and had them pack us up a healthy picnic snack and freshly squeezed juice. 
  3. Although this is really common sense, it is quite important. The Valley of Fire is in the Mojave Desert, please pack a lot of water. When we went, the weather couldn't not have been more perfect at 70 degrees. But as we progressed with the hike and with the altitude change we started feeling the heat and the need to quench our thirst.
  4. The entrance fee is $10 per car. 
  5. Dress appropriately. I personally felt very comfortable with what I had on especially because I do not like to have my feet enclosed with sand trapped in my shoes. What I didn't consider though was that the sand could get hot, so beware.
  6. You could easily stay here for hours. The desert is huge. There are plenty to explore. Quite frankly, we just had 3 hours of sleep the night before, so we decided on a relaxing, short 3 mile hike. It was plenty enough for us to simply enjoy the quiet beauty of the valley. 
  7. We were on the road by 9 am and back at our hotel by 1 pm. If you leave early enough, you'll be back in time at your hotel to meet up with your friends poolside (like we did, wink, wink!).