MOMTOGRAPHY: Superfriends to the Rescue

Location: Dallas, Texas

The adventure begins. Superfriends were called in Dallas to stop the evil eye from invading our privacy!!


  1. Taking photos of a child can be difficult, taking pictures of three children is a different story. I've learned that the best thing to get them excited of the shoot is to create a story line. My son and his friends have never seen THE BIG EYE, a 30 foot contemporary sculpture by Tony Tasset in downtown Dallas and THE TRAVELING MAN, a three series sculptures in the heart of Deep Ellum by artists Brad Oldham and Brandy Oldenburg. Since, our theme was super heroes these venues were perfect!
  2. I personally like going on locations, anywhere except for a studio. Since, I ended taking the kids to downtown Dallas, it is really important to set some ground rules like stop when I say so, etc. especially because a lot of the shots had them running on the sidewalk.
  3. Pick the right time. Downtown Dallas to me seems manageable with it comes to crowds. We did go during the week during office hours and so the streets were not as busy. This may not be the case if you're in San Francisco, NYC or Chicago. 
  4. Taking your best pics on your best location during the first hour. I can say that after the hour, it was so much difficult to get them to cooperate.
  5. Bring plenty of drinks and snacks.
  6. Some children are natural, professional models  (like Mia) and just loves getting their pictures taken. I can tell you that my son would rather be the photographer!! Don't force your kids into saying "cheese" , you'll only get the sour face. Instead, capture their natural expressions even if they are not smiling or looking at the camera, or their backs facing you. I find that these make the prettiest and memorable pictures. 
  7. Enlist some help. Luckily for me, Mia's mom is also a photography enthusiast and we often do shoots together. Having a friend help with carrying your gear, snacks, getting all the kids buckled in is priceless!
  8. Treat your kid after or in between shoots. The kids were so amazing they all got ice cream. One of vendors in Dallas thought they were just so adorable and gave them the ice cream for free.

Thank you for reading!