Location: Carneros Inn, Napa Valley

It was day number one in Napa and the sound of a crowing rooster nearby awakened me. I happily got out of bed and opened the door that led me to our private courtyard. I left it ajar, allowing the crisped air and  scented flowers to permeate the room. The intoxicating, almost medicinal scent of the lavender awoke my husband. I lazily got ready, sipped a cup of joe and later on decided to have breakfast at the hilltop restaurant overlooking the valley.  As I started my journey to morning grub, I was welcomed by the sound of tranquil fountains tucked away here and there that led the way. Along were beautiful cottages that were so fitting to Napa Valley. But what struck me the most  were the informal gardens throughout. They were lush, beautiful, and fragrant. Even the dandelions were so huge that I couldn't help but to blow on it and brought out the inner child in me. I continued on my stroll under a pergola of climbing roses. They were so fragrant it allured me stop and smell them. What a beautiful specie I thought. I continued on,  somewhat still in nirvana from all the delights of my walk and eventually found myself atop the the hill. The vineyard under the morning sun glowed in chartreuse. Its  beauty magnified by the the purplish mountains that bordered it. A whisper of fog enveloped the two and synergistically created a serene mood.  What a perfect spot to start my day. I ordered my favorite, french toast with panna cotta and fresh fruit with a cup of fresh brew. Fully stuffed, I walked back to meet my friends at the farm only to find out that they were running a tad late.  As I was waiting, I noticed a set of blue and pink cement balls. So, I laid my purse on the side and indulged myself to a game of bocce. What a perfect morning it was!

Thank you for reading!