MY STYLE: Bohemian Vibes

I had just recently gotten back from paradise! Tulum is absolute heaven for me. It's the kind of Mexican vacation I had been yearning for. Away from conglomerate mega resorts, I found Tulum to be quaint, charming, rustic and romantic. Its town although small was big in its own style, bohemian that is. Tree lined with eclectic boutiques and candle lit restaurants all tucked away under a canopy of swaying palm trees. Its idyllic setting of jungle and the ocean had made it a perfect weekend getaway.

To go with the bohemian, nomadic vibe of Tulum, here are some outfits I packed for our trip. The Yucatan is HOT and HUMID (which I love), so I mostly packed clothes that are light weight cottons. Although you could wear anything or nothing at all in Tulum, I preferred adding some panache to my outfits. This mostly meant wearing plenty of hats ( because I didn't care to brush my hair when I was there), and sunglasses and piled on jewelry. We also cycled our way around the Yucatan (whew!) so my clothes had to endure the long and occasional bumpy rides! Enjoy and thanks for reading!