TRAVELOGUE: Positano, Marina Grand Beach (part 2)

Location: Positano, Italy


When I decided to start a blog, one of the requirements I had for myself was to keep an honest content. Well, here it is. Unbeknownst to the family, I really did not want to go to the beach. Well, I wanted to, but I didn't want go carrying all the necessities like beach towels, sunscreen, extra clothing, etc to town. Yes, call me spoiled, but why when we had a perfect, private beach at our hotel. But, I am also a big believer on experiencing something at least once in a life time and a chance to spend a day seaside in Positano is an experience I wanted for my family to have.  So, with everything in tow we followed the winding cobblestones pathways that led us to the beach. There are actually three major beaches in Positano, Marina Grand Beach is the biggest, busiest, and in my opinion the most accessible and probably the most photographed beach in Positano.  It is the beach everybody have in their minds the moment a spark of traveling to Positano come to mind. For 10 euros, you can rent a chaise with the umbrella for an unlimited time. It also comes with free showers and an extra 0.50 euro for the toilet. 

The moment you reach the beach, you are welcomed by cheerful, colored umbrellas that mimicked the colors of the stucco homes atop the hill. What a beautiful, breathtaking backdrop!!  Everything  here seemed exotic including the dark-brown almost black river like rocks. I must warn you, these rocks got extremely hot and very difficult to walk on. I knew of this and so I was prepared and had those swimming shoes for Preston that made him a very happy camper. Unstylish, but I really wished I had one for myself. Another option was less unsightly, which was to rent a floaty that got me off my feet. What a lifesaver!! 

I actually really love the mediterranean water. It's calm, yes briny,  but the temperature is perfectly cool. 

See the rocks? At least our pizza was sand free, yay!! I rarely ate pizza back at home, but this was perfectly charred, thin-crust with the best marinara sauce topped with mozzarella and prosciutto! Washing it down with local beer just did it for me. 

And so we swam, floated, played and basked in the sun all day. And after all the fun, it was time to get back home and get ready for dinner. But before you trek back up hill, grab a lemon with orange granita and yes, it is clean and safe to drink and you will thank me later. 


Thanks for reading!