MY STYLE: Bleu and Black

Location: Paris, France

Wow, I've definitely underrated the heat in Paris! Coming from Dallas, I am use to the blistering heat but not walking all day under the scorching sun. After countless hours of sightseeing and walking the streets of the beautiful city, only three things kept me cool, like this DVF dress I got on sale at Neiman's paired with my old Rag and Bone fedora . I had originally packed the dress for Italy, but as the barometer climbed up, I found myself digging into my "Italian pile" of clothes. I know a lot of people tend to wear sleeveless as it gets hotter, but for me having sleeves just gives that extra layer of protection and somehow keeps me cool.  The off shoulder cut in chiffon/silk blend was just the right thing to temper the heat. 

Nothing like beating the heat by finding refuge sitting in a side walk cafe. They are charming and a perfect place to get a cold aperitif. I always fall victim following the French with it comes to their cocktails and yet again I ordered something quite vile. It literally tasted like Benadryl. So, until I figure out what is actually good I think I will stick to Rose' for now.

I love macarons, but I love gelato more especially in the summer. My daughter teased me that I had double scoops everyday. What can I say, they make my most favorite flavors..pistachio and coconut. Yummy!