AN AMERICAN IN PARIS: How to really dress in the City of Lights

Location: Paris, France


Type " Paris outfits" on Pinterest and you'll find a slew of tutu outfits paired with lust worthy heels. Although they are absolutely beautiful ensembles they are also quite impractical. If you have never been to Paris, know that Paris is a walking city and best experienced by foot. So if  you are contemplating on bringing your heels, resist the urge.  Believe me, this is one advice that even I have hard time succumbing to. Not only will it take up valuable space in your luggage (just think about the extra space you'll have should you decide to shop there ) but you will most likely not wear it.  But if you must, pack ONE  pair of black or nude sandals and save it for dinner. 

Now comes the big argument, should you dress fashionably to try not to stick out as a tourist or do you dress as a "typical tourist" with jeans and sneakers? I think it is all about personal preference. The French are without a doubt tres chic and are generally in comparison to Americans dressier. They are also more modest,  so short-shorts and tank tops are just  something you don't see the in the streets of Paris. Think slacks or jeans paired with a light weight blazer and summer dresses and you fill fit right in. 

When I am on vacation I'm always cognizant of the fact that I will be doing some sight-seeing, dining and shopping (yes, usually in that order, ha!) especially when I am in Paris. So when choosing what to wear I always ask myself how I would like to present myself when I am visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, perusing in Chanel Cambon, dining at Restaurant Le Meurice or simply soaking up the sun at the Tuileries Gardens.  Keeping those in mind,  I chose this modest lace swing shift dress. This breathable lace fabric was perfect during Paris' summer months and could easily transition for fall when paired with booties. The length and the sleeves made it a perfect outfit for all the venues I had visited. Not only did I not look like a tourist, I could swear to you, got the best service too!  So, the next time your traveling to Paris or another destination, remember these simple tips.

Again, thank you for reading! Merci!


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