TRAVELOGUE: Positano, Italy (Part 1)

Location: Positano, Italy


After two weeks of traveling to Paris and London, my daughter and I flew to Rome to reunite with the rest of the family. From Rome, we headed to Positano via a private car,  a two to three hour car ride depending on the traffic. There are plenty of modes to get to Positano, but I found a private car to be the fastest, cost-effective and comfortable for a family of four. It will set you back 500 euros per way, but after my husband's long flight from Dallas accompanied by a very tired four year old, hands down this was the best option for us.  Also, be cognizant of the fact that almost everything is cobbled and hotels are hillside and so if you are coming in town via train, you will have to haul your luggage by yourself. Some people also opt to rent a car, I will warn you though, parking space is also very minimal and the Amalfi Coast narrow roads are not for the faint of heart and will require some skilled driving. And  if you are considering to visit other coastal towns, don't worry  there are a plethora of taxis and private cars at your disposal. 

There is a myth in Positano that the god of the sea, Neptune created  Positano for the nymph he loved Pasitea, hence the name of the city. Well, he must have truly adored her!!  Picturesque,  beautiful colored stuccoed structures carved into the mountain side with endless views of the mediterranean sea.  The aged patina of the town never fails to mesmerize me every time I visit. 

The Amalfi Coast consists of several towns like Sorrento, Ravello, Salerno  but for our first day we decided to stay in town. There is really no other way to see the town but to walk the hills and just get lost into the small alleys that eventually will lead  to the Grand Marina Beach ( another post) Along the way,  you'll find Tratorrias, Gelatterias and an abundance of artisans, clothing and sandal  shops, pottery, local liquor like Limoncello a perfect gift by the way or for your personal bar. 

There is just something so special with the Italians, aside from their friendliness, and their warm nature, I love how much they adore children. Almost every Italian caressed Preston's cheek and acknowledged him . Here he is singing with joy in Positano. Ah the perfect picture of la dolce vita in my eyes.  And the delicious, fresh, the pasta is cooked to perfection (al dente) and so flavorful. I couldn't get enough of the pasta that I had to eat it twice a day. Definitely, my most favorite cuisine. 

Summer is really the only season in Positano. I was told that everything closes in October. The town becomes desolate after. For now, the town is bustling with locals and tourists. The shops and beaches are packed. When the crowds get a bit too much, there is always a quiet alleyway to go to for some solace,  to reflect, to take a snapshot, or just to be thankful. 


Thanks for reading!