PARIS: Day 1

Location: Paris, France

Bonjour!! After five hectic days in London, we finally made it to the City of Lights.  We arrived via Eurorail and I must say that was my first and was quite an easy commute. Three hours passed and we were in the in the heart of St. Germain. Although, I would have preferred staying at Marais, I felt that St. Germain was the best location for first time travelers to Paris. And although this wasn't my first, it was for my daughter. Filled with quintessential Paris, from charming cafe lined streets, cobblestone alleyways, charming architecture and patisserie throughout. It was also  centrally located and an easy walk to the Metro and to most of the sights in Paris like the Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, The Tulleries and Luxembourg Garden. And if you're like me who love to shop  or you are traveling with a teenager who loves to shop this area has plenty to offer. From souvenirs to high end stores, shopping is endless.  Lastly, the area felt safe with plenty of pedestrians and not once did we ever feel unsafe while walking home from our late dinners . 

So after freshening up, Angelle and I started our day . Walking the streets of Paris is such a treat! Sharing our love for architecture we revel in the city's beauty. Stopping every so often to snap pics of the grand doors that adorned those buildings. We strolled leisurely, soaking everything in until the heat became unbearable. We found a cafe that was filled with locals who kept cool with strange aperitif and so naturally I summoned my waiter for the same thing. Unfortunately, it was quite nasty tasting and thank God the escargot came right just in time to cleanse my palate. I think I will stick to champagne, merci beaucoup.  All smiles though, we were having a great time. I had just shown her how to use my brand new camera after breaking my other one in London. And here are some pictures she had taken. Quite talented and quick learner is't she? And so we did what the French do, people watch.  From young love gazing at each other eyes to Parisian girlfriends catching up. What a good afternoon is has been.