SO LONG SUMMER: A bittersweet end

Location: Aly's Beach, Florida

Don't ask me how it happened- but as it does every year, the end of summer has mysteriously sneaked up on us. And after a whirlwind travel to Paris, London, Rome, Positano,  California, Chicago and Houston,  my last leg of travel finally brought me back to my home away from home. And as much as  I enjoyed discovering new locales, there is something comforting about coming back to  familiarity. Although it has only been a few years since I have gone back here,  my early morning rituals had been solid. With a lone cyclist and jogger at sight, I took a stride and walked the cobblestone path that brought me to my most favorite spot, a sort off teepee installation. A spot that is purely reflective, inspirational and motivational. My son clearly shared the same interest as he ran front to end tirelessly!

This place truly inspires me. The scent of rosemary that is indigenous here permeated the air. It makes me want to whip out a healthy meal, and this fallen tree? I secretly hoped it would still be here next year. I've had a myriad of ideas with what to do with with it. Perhaps something like below?

And like with everything else, all good things must come to an end. Perhaps for good reasons. And so I jotted down what I wished to do the next time I am back.....canoeing in nearby lakes, visit the dunes at nearby beaches, go scalloping at the cape, throw a scallop boil ( from the scalloping trip) , campfire and smores at the beach, throw a white party.

And so summer ends. Looking forward to cool, crisp mornings. Hello Fall!

Thank you for reading!