POSTCARD: Sending love & salty kisses from Aly's Beach

Location: Aly's Beach, Florida

It has always been a dream of mine to own a beach house. A lifelong dream indeed that perhaps stemmed from some of my most fond memories of early childhood. I was probably about my sons age when we convoyed to my grandparents beach house every summer during Holy Week.  Year after year, the same wood thatched house welcomed us. Surrounded by coconut trees, this simple, rustic home sat just a few steps from the ocean. It was truly an idyllic beach retreat. Although the memory became vague as the years passed, the happiness and carefreeness remained with me and remembered as it was just yesterday.

And so my husband and I decided to start our own history and have a slice of paradise in Aly's Beach. For the most part, whenever I speak of Aly's beach, the first question I get asked of is the location. This is what I usually say. It's in Florida, from Dallas you take Southwest Airlines to Panama City and from there it is roughly a twenty mile drive to Aly's Beach. While this is true, for those who want to know exactly (wink) where it is,  Aly's Beach is a seaside town located along the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's panhandle coast on the scenic highway 30A six miles away from Seaside, a neighboring coastal town. With emerald, turquoise water, soft, white sand and calm seas and it has been a favorite of many beach dwellers including myself. 

Aww, sandy toes and salty kisses!

We looked for a long a time for the perfect beach town to build our beach house.  For us this was Aly's beach. The easy commute from Dallas surely sealed the deal. But what really did it for me was the town itself. The modern, seaside aesthetic- open, whitewashed architecture reminiscent of Mykonos. It is luxurious yet simple with an unrivaled sense of escape. There are small and large pockets of parks, trickling waters from fountains,  hidden courtyards, outdoor galleries, walking trails and more. 

Aly's beach is at its infantile stages just like my family. We are looking forward to growing with the community creating lots of memories along the way!

Thanks for reading!