RENDEZVOUS AT CENTRAL PARK: My Carrie Bradshaw moment.

Location: Central Park, New York City

The last time my husband and I were in New York City together was nearly eight years ago. We used to live in Manhattan during his fellowship years and while we lived there, Central Park was a place we frequently visited.  We came here almost everyday walking Choko ,  the dog he bought me to keep me company when I got lonely when we first moved to the city. We also came to jog here on weekends and had spent many holidays simply lounging in the lawn.  So, this past weekend,  my husband and I took a mini getaway to NYC and our hotel happened to be right across from the park. One morning after our run, we decided to go back for brunch at the Loeb Boathouse, an understated icon in cherished Central Park. A haven for romantics and nature lovers.  Rowboats drifted about the adjacent lake offering a rare tranquility and an ever-eclectic energy that defined Manhattan.  We filled our bellies with a  scrumptious meal, and after, went out for a romantic stroll. That's the thing about Central Park, while it is set in the middle of bustling Manhattan, one can still find a romantic spot for a rendezvous. And for a couple of hours, we did just that. We reminisced about our time living in Manhattan. Funny and amazing to think of where our journey had taken us after an amazing two years living in the city. Looking back at these photos,  the only regret I have is that I wished I had worn a tutu!. 

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OUTFIT DETAILS: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress, Givenchy shoes, Valentino purse, Prada sunglasses, Intermix hat