HAPPY FRIDAY: Pink petals

Location: Manhattan, New York City

Just a quick hello to everyone. I don't know with you, but I am getting more sentimental as I am getting older. Something about NYC brought out that part in me. But the city was also exhilarating and just woke up my senses, and after a 6 a.m. flight from Dallas to NYC that was exactly what I needed.  Barely checked in at the Mark Hotel I was up and about and couldn't wait to stretch my legs. You see,  the upper east side of Manhattan was my old stomping ground, my old neck of of the woods for two years. I used to walk these streets with my dog and admired and wished I could have lived in these walk up apartments ( although living in a doorman building wasn't bad either). But one memory that comes to mind  was when my boyfriend (now my hubby) patiently waited for me every night at 10 o' clock at the bus stop when I got off from work.  Rain, snow, sleet didn't stop him and he was always there, waiting to walk me home. And the creme de la creme? He always had a hot meal whipped out for me. And for a guy who doesn't cook that was really a thoughtful thing to do. Writing this post, made me think of the journey I've had since my NYC days ( that's ten years ago) and the fortunes that I have been blessed with. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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