PRETTY SKIES: Sunset in Dallas

Location: Dallas, Texas

Last Sunday, my husband and I had our weekly date night at Casa Rubia, a Spanish restaurant across the Trinity Bridge. On the way there, as we were crossing the bridge, we noticed how beautiful the colors of the sky were. I am not quite sure if it had anything to do with the lunar eclipse that was about to happen that evening that brought this striking ombre coloration on the sky, but the last time I saw skies that were pink and purple tinged similar to that was in Oia, Santorini. So I summoned my husband to stop to snap some photos and to seize the day.  Capturing pictures during the magic or golden hours (a period shorty after sunrise or before sunset) is the most ideal. Why you ask? Soft, diffused light is flattering due to the absence of harsh shadows that are created when the sun is higher up in the sky.   I don't get to shoot at these hours that often, but when my camera is handy,  I make sure to take that opportunity. 

Almost everybody I know have a DSLR camera that is sitting on the shelf collecting dust. In my humble opinion, if you are shooting under the automatic setting or point and shoot mode you might as well use your I phone. Let's be honest, I phones take pretty decent pictures without having to lug such a beast (at least my camera is). But if you want to take PROFESSIONAL looking photos with blurry backgrounds like I do, and you have never delved out of the automatic mode, I would suggest putting your camera on the semi-automatic setting. With this one simple tip, you will be surprised how you can instantly take so-so photos to looking like you had hired a professional photographer.  To do this, first determine where the f-stop is in your camera and adjust it to as wide as your lens will go.  At this setting you will be able to create some level of blurriness (lens dependent) where your pictures appear more professional, creating dreamy moods and more importantly, putting the focus right on the subject.  Mine goes all the way down to 1.4. Just remember, the lower that f-stop number, the blurrier or creamier it gets. I swear, it is truly that simple. Try it, it is a lot of fun!

Last winter, my son and I were snowbound at home for a couple of days. Any of you who have a toddler understand how difficult that could be for a child. So on a whim, I threw on some winter gear on him, brought him outside and shot pictures of him playing with the snow against the fence. To my surprise, the pictures turned out beautiful and magical. Lesson learned?  With good lighting and textural background, you could easily take beautiful pictures without having to go on location.  So, get your camera out and start shooting. 

To those who have asked, prior to breaking my camera in London, I was using a Sony NEX 6 and have recently upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark III. If you try these simple tips, I would love to hear how the pictures turned out. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I would love to be able to help.

Again, thank you for reading!


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