OH HAPPY DAY: A vintage-garden inspired bridal shower for Grace.

Location: Dallas, Texas

He popped the question and she said YES!  As the maid of honor and her sister,  I was truly excited and privileged to host this tradition that marked  the beginning of festivities to come, but also to celebrate the tradition that brought families and friends of both parties together. 

So when it came to planning the shower, I kept my bride and groom to be in minds. Both Grace and Clint enjoy gardening and love pretty much everything vintage. And with that in consideration, I knew that Grange Hall in Dallas, a floral and a posh boutique shop carrying eclectic, French antiques and jewelry was the perfect venue for the occasion.

I wanted to capture the essence of Grace and Clint with a few, simple, diy momentos. Luckily for me,  I had my bestie to help out. Whether it was affixing a label to the macarons, to carrying the decor to the venue, having a friend was invaluable. It was also nice to have someone to cohost with me. 

Aww, my gorgeous sister who  looked radiant and in complete bliss as the guests arrived! 

Hosting such an event of course was fun but also a bit daunting even for me who loved hosting parties. I remembered asking my best friend how do you host an event with such varied guests, a lot you have never met ?  Easy!  Starting with bubbly of course! Not only did my  guest felt at ease but the sight of bubbly simply symbolized celebration.

The room was filled with chatter and laughter and more laughter, and our bellies with filet mignon and salmon. 

Unbeknownst to Grace, I had secretly asked Clint to come by and surprise her with a bouquet of flowers. I knew Clint was very traditional and bringing flowers was an old tradition he was happy to comply with even for a very shy guy.  The tradition of the groom bringing flowers  was meant to introduce him to those who have not met him. Later on, the blushing bride to be told me that she had no clue he was coming by. 

No party of course is complete without a cake. Adorned with simple flowers and a cake topper to best describe the day.  As the guests enjoyed Grace's favorite, red velvet, it was the perfect break for presents. 

One of the main events at any bridal shower is opening the presents. For this party, I opted not to have a theme and left it up to guests' liberty to choose what they would like to bring. I scoured every vintage store in Dallas for a perfect trunk  without luck. Online auction finally scored me this mint beauty I used to corral honeymoon necessities such as a bikini, polaroid camera, a swimsuit cover-up, champagne and a journal. 

I am not quite sure what was actually written on the card that brought tears to my sister's eyes. One thing I am sure though, they were tears of joy. 

Another thing I abstained from were bridal shower games. Instead, when the guest just started trickling in,  I had them write an advice for the bride to be that she later read out loud. It was really the perfect way to finish the party.

I hoped my sister and the guests enjoyed it as much as I did. It was definitely one of my most favorite parties I've thrown.

Photography by Lyly Photography

Thank you for reading!