Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hi there. I've just gotten back from an amazing girls trip to New Orleans and wanted to share with you snaps I took as I wandered the streets of New Orleans.  Oh, NOLA, what can I say, I just love you! I have been coming to the Crescent City for so long, but somehow really enjoyed it this time around. Steeped in so much history, colorful creole and cajun cuisines, beautiful architecture, a vibrant atmosphere and of course the people. This is a place where you eat, drink, listen to jazz, take part in a parade if you want and just completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere. On my first day, I did just that plus more. After having a delicious brunch at the Court of Two Sisters (you must try this place!) I walked around downtown. Weaving through the streets and it's evident how much the French left its mark. From the street signs,  the dialect and of course the food mixed in with African and American touches.

We planned this trip a few months back and didn't realized that we were going to be there during the beginning of Mardi Gras. Streets were beginning to swelter with tourists and locals. Colorful beads, King cakes and parade float decors are to be seen throughout. Whether you are there for Mardi Gras or not, there is certainly a buzz in the city and the streets are alive with music, parade people dressed in costumes and ready to have a good time. I steered away from the raunch of Bourbon Street and opted for the quieter streets instead. Perhaps through the lens of my camera, I was able to truly appreciate the beauty of this historic city. 

NOLA, there is no other city quite like you. I can't wait to visit again!

Thanks for reading!