WINTER'S LIGHT: Hints of berry reds and tans

Location: Deer Valley Resort, Park City, Utah

Happy New Year!

 Hi there! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I've have just gotten back from a ski trip in Utah, and boy, it was the most perfect place to end and start the new year. Deer Valley,  yet again did not disappoint and it was absolutely breathtaking! After a hectic morning of getting the kids ski gear together and finally dropping them off to ski school, my husband and I had a few hours to ourselves before hitting the slopes.  We stayed at St. Regis Hotel, a property nestled atop a mountain that gave us ample, stunning views of snow covered mountains  topped with blue spruce  and aspen trees that made it just picture perfect!

Brrr....boy it was cold at -11 degrees when we took these photos! The last couple of years, I've really gotten to love the mountains. My husband and I used to go on beach holidays right about this time, but lately we have been finding such enjoyment in the mountains. Perhaps, it is the lack of this type of scenery in Dallas and a new found love for skiing  that led us to crave it.  Isn't this scenery so peaceful and recharging?  Just  what I needed for the coming new year.

I must admit, going on a mountain holiday needed a lot of preparation on my part. Everybody here is definitely rocking a mountain chic look which is not only stylish but also necessary.  And when you are spending more time outdoors than indoors,  keeping warm is an absolute priority and topples over being stylish. If you are able to do both, then it is a win. Three layers of clothing kept me toasty and made being outdoors enjoyable.  My husband introduced me to the brand  Moncler a few years ago, and this fitted short, down coat fit the bill. It was lightweight yet extremely warm. Paired with a blanket scarf and I was good to go.

Looking back at these photos and it is seriously giving me withdrawals. How I miss the place so much!  Perhaps a trip back this spring break?

I hope you have enjoyed the post. P.S. Thank you for joining the giveaway.  I will be announcing the Tiffany clock winner next week.

Thank you for reading!


Wearing: Jacket (Moncler, old), sweater (Tibi), gloves (Burberry), shoes (Sorel), fleece lined leggings ( Yummy Tummy by Heather Thomson), blanket scarf (Zara, old), beanie (picked up from the hotel's ski shop)

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