Location: Jardin de Tuileries, Paris


Call me sentimental, but autumn in Paris brings out something very dear within me. The first time I visited this beautiful city was also in autumn with the hubby and while I had come back at other seasons and would not decline a chance to visit at other given times, to me, autumn in Paris is the most ideal and of course beautiful. So we arrived early in the city and knowing that our room was not going to be ready, I packed suitable clothing to explore in. It is something I do often if not at all times especially when I am traveling transatlantic. Not only do you feel refreshed stepping out of the plane, but it's reassuring to know that should something happen to your luggage  you have something decent to wear around town (this actually happened to me). First stop, Tuileries Garden. Lucky for us, our hotel was situated right across from it. After being cooped up in the plane for what seemed to be forever, this was just the place I wanted to be. The vibrant colors of the mulberry trees, the sound of crushing leaves beneath my boots as I wandered the tree lined garden, the cool, crisped air caressing my cheeks.. c'est la vie!!

The Tuileries Garden is huge! One thing for sure, no matter which direction you take it will lead you to something beautiful if not historical. From the Musee de Louvre, the Siene, Rue de Rivoli, Place de la Concorde, the possibilities are endless. For us we decided on doing something low key and be in company with Monet at the Musee' de l'Orangerie.  I knew that the the museum was not as busy in comparison to the Louvre, so this was a great option considering I've been sleepless at this point. TIP: it is best to buy your tickets ahead but know that the service charge to get it delivered to your home or hotel is almost double the price of your ticket. You can also either pick it up at a local area for no fee or sometimes your concierge will have tickets for their guest free of delivery fees. 

While I prefer just absorbing all the works of these masters, my husband insisted I get a photo by the Water Lilies. Speaking like a true blogger's husband, he says "since you like getting photos taken in front of walls and doors, why not here? You know it will look amazing." While, I think I resembled Mona Lisa here, I couldn't agree more. One of my favorite artists!

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