Location: Dallas Arboretum


While I've never really been big with Halloween, things have been changing for me lately. Perhaps with Preston getting older and with him really getting in to the holidays, I must say it has been influencing me. So when a girlfriend of mine asked me to go trick or treating at the Dallas Arboretum and suggested for us to do something classic, the Bride of Frankenstein came to mind. I couldn't think of a better, easy, last minute costume than this.  This vintage Etsy dress was a steal for $25 but any lace dress would do or even a white sheath maybe tied with gauze like the original movie.  I seriously could have done the lace option but I wasn't sure if it was going to get damage with make up or even just running around with the kids. And if you are ok with that, then that would be a great option. To me this costume is really about the hair and make up and was the worrying part since I've never really done Halloween make up or hair. While you could use a wig, I opted to use my real hair since it's black and added the white clip on.  I followed this detailed instructional and voila...BRIDE of FRANKENSTEIN. What do you think? Happy Halloween!

This is what happens when a Voodoo doll tries to get a strand of your hair!

Thanks for reading!