LIVING ON THE EDGE: Thelma & Louise style

Location: Grand Canyon , Arizona

Good morning!

It seemed like I had just set my clock for an early rise and before you know it, with a cup of joe in hand, I was being whisked to some far away locale. Forty-minutes to be exact and  nicely caffeinated at this point, I arrived at the bottom of the canyon. Boy, did I leave the hustle and bustle of Vegas!  Although, I have seen a plentiful of photos while researching this trip, my first view of the Grand Canyon was short from amazing! Jagged limestone formations in colors ranging  from pink to salmon to red was a welcoming sight and appeared as though I've stepped into the Jurassic period! We stayed long enough to admire the beauty of the canyon until we were led to the Colorado river for a pontoon ride. The gentle waves and the cool, brisk air was a perfect way to experience the river and soak up all the beauty and peace the canyon had to offer from the bottom of the rim.  

Some fantastic scenery today, starting first of all with arid land full of cacti (my personal fave)  on red bed rocks. There were also fun random teepees through out. 

Next stop, the Hualapai Ranch belonging to the Hualapai Indians. So we got back on the chopper and after a short ride we were back on top of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The tour we were on provided a bus to the three different stops on the rim. This was the first. We had planned on skipping this one thinking it was a trite ranch but eventually decided to stay for a few minutes. Much to our surprise this place offered much enjoyment and cheap frills after having found the mechanical bull!

The next stop was Eagle Point where the Skywalk was located. It is interesting how travel allows you to discover something about yourself. Until I stepped on the Skywalk glass bottom structure that allowed me to walk 70 feet past the edge of the Grand Canyon and stand 4,000 feet above the Colorado river, I didn't realized I had a legitimate fear for heights. The idea that only the glass structure separated me from the depths of the canyon was literally quite paralyzing. After, an obligatory photo op, I quickly got off of it but at the same time I also wanted to conquer that newly found fear. And so what do you do when you are fearful of heights? I must admit sitting on the edge was beyond scary but also an exhilarating experience! 

Dressing for the canyon required layering. It was 20 degrees when we arrived early that morning. It felt warmer though except during our time on the pontoon. By midday it was in the 70's. I could just imagine how blistering the summer must be here. And for that reason, in my opinion coming here this time of the year was the best. We didn't hike (although I would love to someday) or walk that much since we were either on the helicopter, the bus or the bull (wink!), so my platform booties were very comfortable.

The Grand Canyon was definitely worth waking up early for! It dawned on me that thousands of people from far away places come to see this magnificent sight and I am so glad I did just that. If you are ever in Vegas, visiting the canyon is easily accessible. So give it a go the next time you are there. I must say, it was pretty spectacular!

Thank you for reading!


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