Location: Las Ventanas Resort, Cabo, Mexico

Sharing the very last bit of my trip to Cabo. Luckily for me, we had a late departure which meant a little bit more time in paradise. Looking at these photos,  the Las Ventanas Resort sure did remind me of the cubical abodes I saw while visiting Mykonos. I know that to say Cabo is like Mykonos is a bit of a stretch. But seriously if you can't make it to Greece, this is probably the closest one I can recommend, at least the hotel. I've only been to Cabo twice and this trip being the second and we chose to stay at the very same resort for its top-notched service and unsurpassed beauty, marrying the desert landscape and the sea perfectly!

As always, leaving a place as beautiful as this resort is always bittersweet and  the most difficult part of any vacation. So I took advantage of the few hours I had before bidding adios and simply wandered around the resort. I was amazed by how much of this resort I've yet to discover!  Beautiful murals led the way to cacti gardens that led to the ocean!


After acting silly and twirling around the cacti garden, I finally made it down to the restaurant. I've been telling my husband that I've never eaten so well. The food in Cabo is fresh, light and bright and a bit different from the tex-mex I am used to here in Texas. So I  got right to it and sampled more of the Baja California goodness along with a Mezcal flight, because frankly who could resist!


For this trip, I packed mostly lightweight cotton dresses, rompers and maxis. I love this particular dress, so much that I have it in black and white too because it is light , extremely comfortable and the the sleeves added extra protection from the sun but also kept me warm in the plane. So until next time...adios amigos!

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Wearing: Dress (Tularosa), Shoes (Loeffler Randall, also comes in nude, link below), Glasses (Dior)

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