Location: Maui, Hawaii


During spring break, we visited the beautiful island of Maui. If you're thinking of visiting the island, know that Maui is huge and deciding which part of the island you will be staying is important and key when planning your trip.  Since this is not our first time in this scenic island, we decided to stay in the Wailea area after having stayed in Kanaapali several times. While both are beautiful, one simply can't go wrong with either location, however, in my opinion, Wailea is more picturesque. Wailea is also the most manicured part of Maui boasting luxurious accommodations not to mention the beautiful Wailea beach. Also worth noting, regardless of your location of choice, you will need a car to get around to explore the many parts of the island which is completely safe and the reason why people choose to vacation here to begin with (aside from the obvious beauty).


Four Seasons Hotel- We decided to stay here for it's waterfront location, excellent service and the adult only infinity pool. We definitely loved vacationing with our kiddos but it was also nice to getaway for a few hours to soak up some rays and have a Pina Colada or two!

Andraz Maui- I literally ran into this hotel during my morning run. It is also situated beachfront with a very appealing modern aesthetic. Had I known about this place, we may have stayed there to try it out. It does remind me of the W Hotel chains. We checked out the hotel when we had dinner at Morimoto and it was beautiful! Definitely a place to consider!

Grand Wailea- this is right next to the Four Seasons. It's huge! I have not stayed there, but vacationers with kids prefer this hotel for its water park.

This photo was taken at Andaz Maui at dusk. 

WHAT TO DO: Where to start?

For us, we like alternating hotel days and excursions. While staying at Wailea, there are countless activities as you can imagine. The most popular of course are lounging in the pool and spending lazy days on the beach with a cocktail in hand ( the struggle is real!).  There are paddle boards to rent and decent reefs to snorkel on in Wailea beach.  For those who love to shop, there is great shopping as well. For me,  I personally love to do yoga and run on the beach in the morning. It is so invigorating and with such a scenic route you just can't help but do it. Finding excursions in Maui are endless. For this trip, we decided to take the kids to a road trip to Hana. See the post  here.  It also happened to be the time when the whales were migrating to Hawaii, so we took advantage of that and went whale watching. What a great opportunity to teach the  kids about conservation! While we didn't get to hike or visit Haleakala Volcano, this still remains to be on my bucket list. One needs to leave by 3 am to be there at sunrise and it was not something we were able to do with a five year old. If you have the time to hike the volcano, don't forget to stop in Upcountry, a quaint town and it is on the way and is the perfect place to stop for lunch. Another great stop to make is Paia Town. If you are planning to drive the Road to Hana, this is the town where the road trip starts. Perfect place to pick up necessities for the road trip, grab a cup of java, gas up and maybe stop in to check out some cute boutiques.  It's a surfers town and a local favorite. 

While you are driving, feel free to stop and sample some local fruit. Of course I was coco over coconuts. What a thirst quencher!



Maui is one of the most visited islands in Hawaii and restaurants are plentiful. I thought I would break it down by location.

Wailea- most of the acclaimed restaurants are actually in hotels. One place I would recommend is Moromoto in the Andaz Hotel. I swear I could eat there everyday. It is fresh and simplified and the food is superb! Also, for those wanting to try something out of their hotels, Monkey Pod is very popular. It is not my fave, but most people love it. It really reminds me of menus you would find in mainland U.S. 

Lahaina- Try Aloha Mix Plate if you want authentic local Hawaiian food. It is casual, budget friendly and well appreciated by locals and tourist alike.  It has a great vibe with a beautiful view. Warning, lines can be long!

Paia Town- Paia Fish Market has fresh catch of the day. If you are on the run, this a great place since it is standing room only.

Mama's Fishhouse- Sometimes it's really hard to leave the comforts of your resort, but one place really worth visiting is this place. Make reservations around sunset or plan to be there by that time. It really is magical not to mention the food is delicious!

So there you have it! If you've been to Maui and have other ideas, places to see, restaurants to try, I'd love to hear it. 

Thanks for reading!


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